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In these testing times of COVID-19 when continuity of care whilst minimising spread of infection are equally critical, Sidqam has developed a unified platform, called Direcht Talk, for video conferencing and record-keeping using various healthcare IT standards.

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Direcht Talk has a range of clinical templates for record-keeping including maternity, general healthcare and cosmetic surgery. We are adding new clinical specialty templates each week as demand from other specialties comes through.

We want pregnant women and new mothers to be able to be cared for without exposing them and their little ones to increased chances of catching the virus. Our specialist templates with maternity pathways, vitals, antenatal and postnatal checks ensures that key information is recorded during the video consultation to enable effective maternal care.

Direcht Talk also provides required consent models and chaperon workflows in its surgical templates, which can be used by both NHS and private healthcare practitioners.


A platform that can be used on mobiles or laptops; even with low internet bandwidth.


Based on ISO13606 architecture with implementation of SNOMED CT and HL7 FHIR.


Patient’s consent is taken prior to entering video consultation room. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.


The system has both Video and Face to face consultation options and is scalable to manage huge volumes of data.


  • bullet Simple to use
  • bullet No app to download or installation required
  • bullet Browser based, multi-device tool
  • bullet Simultaneous video and clinical consultation record keeping
  • bullet Near type free
  • bullet Continuous engagement with patients
  • bullet Periodic follow up
  • bullet Crown commercial supplier


£0 .00 /Month

Free trial version
(for 14 days)

  • 25 Video Consultation + Unlimited face-2-face consultations
  • 2 Users (1 doctor + 1 Secretary)
£100 .00 /Month

Standard Subscription

  • Monthly subscription: £ 100 per month
  • Yearly subscription: £ 100 per month
    (12 months for the price of 11 months)
  • 100 Video Consultation + Unlimited face-2-face consultations
  • 2 Users (1 doctor + 1 Secretary)
Enterprise Version


  • Pricing as per organisational requirements

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